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2020: Emerging From Covid-19

"Empathic Art Exchange"

Art Show and Empathic Art Exchange performance: 112 art pieces were produced during COVID workshops that dealt with feelings of isolation, fear and hope.  Dancers selected art pieces that influenced them to build six pieces of choreography relating to COVID and BLM.  The show also included a performance by an award-winning opera singer.  Key Artists: Roberta Wentzel-Walter, Coleen Lorenz, Ashley Willits, Gary Stanford and six dancers.  50 people livestreamed AUM's first hybrid interactive virtual performance on May 15, 2021.  More than one hundred people watched the resulting video archive 

Two accompanying workshop series were held with at-risk youth at Juvenile Hall and Kids Camp, and drop-in workshops addressed COVID-19 issues around grief, loss and empathy.

“Grateful that AUM has the courage to stretch beyond the norm and create adventures of exploration of the mind, body, and soul. Their invitation to travel along with them is the utmost personal gift of generosity” 

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