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Developed by our expert team of professional educators and licensed expressive arts therapists, our Arts-Based Wellness Education Programs sit at the unique intersection of science, wellness, and the arts.

Our workshops epitomize experiential learning, empowering students to leave with a toolset of simple, sustainable wellness practices and healthy coping skills to ensure training transfer.  Because we believe people of all ages can benefit from our innovative approach to wellness education, we work with children and adults alike in a variety of settings including schools, businesses and community events. 

art + movement + music + drama

Research has shown that artistic expression and the creative process enhance cognitive abilities, foster greater self-awareness, help regulate emotions and improve focus, problem-solving, and decision-making. That's why we utilize a variety of artistic disciplines including:

Based on the latest neuropsychology research, our evidence-driven approach not only provides participants meaningful exposure to the arts, but also improves mental health and emotional well-being with lasting results. 

Kids in Art Class


Social-Emotional  Learning  (SEL)  fundamentals  are  foundational  to our k-12 and secondary curriculum. SEL helps students develop the  knowledge  to  understand  their emotions and the skills to manage them,  as well as boosting empathy, improving overall  well-being. 

Stand Up Meeting


Workplace Wellness offerings explore the science behind the brain / body connection.

Through the lens of interpersonal neurobiology and the expressive arts, our 4-hour virtual program explores practical ways improve connection to self and others.



Community offerings are available in a variety of spaces and places and often include partnerships with other Bay Area organizations. Contact us for partnership opportunities or inquire for more info on upcoming events.

You taught us so much about how to improve our self care.
I love how you not only taught us strategies to help us feel better, but also talked about science as well.

High School Student, Belmont CA

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