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2021: Mosaic Arts Festival

Storytelling and cultural arts meet at Mosaic America, a Silicon Valley nonprofit organizer of events, commissioned works, and art festivals

Americans tend to recognize or disown part or all of our history. Each of us sees our future in a specific color (red, blue, brown, black, white). Most of us prioritize a hyphenated identity over our American identity.

Mosaic America hopes to address these divisive forces through a movement that propels all of us towards an inclusive and shared future. We aim to do this using the one thing that has the power to unite us all: art.

Throughout the year, Mosaic America hosts multicultural nonprofit art festivals and curated events that cultivate belonging and social cohesion amongst Silicon Valley’s diverse communities.  Arts Unity Movement and NewGround Theatre Dance Company participated with a dance performance at the Mosaic America Arts Festival in Silicon Valley on Oct 2, 2021.


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