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Interactive Performance Engagements

AUM’s Interactive Performance Programs are moving and immersive experiences, featuring AUM's award-winning NewGround Theatre Dance Company and select guest artists. These talented performers innovate each time they take the stage by turning a performance into an experience, an audience into a community.

AUM's Performance Programs are renowned for the ways they explore topics that both inspire and challenge. Past themes have centered around:

self-empowerment & compassion

unity & inclusion

racial equity & unconscious bias

Perhaps the most unique aspect of AUM's Performance Programs are the opportunities they present throughout the performance for participants to become involved in group discussion and even create their own art, by crafting original, in-the-moment, art-response pieces. This compelling production style as gained AUM's NewGround Theatre Dance Company local, national and global recognition. NewGround continues to explore new styles and storyline concepts in its delivery of original works for the community.

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