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NewGround Theatre Dance performing on stage at Cañada College Theatre


Arts Unity Movement's Interactive Performance Engagements are moving and immersive experiences, featuring AUM's award-winning NewGround Theatre Dance Company and select guest artists. These story-based engagements are renowned for the ways they explore topics that both inspire and challenge. Past themes have centered around: 

  • self-empowerment & compassion 

  • unity & inclusion

  • racial equity & unconscious bias

Perhaps the most unique aspect of AUM's Performance Programs are the opportunities they present throughout the performance for participants to become involved in group discussion and even create their own art, by crafting original, in-the-moment, art-response pieces. This compelling production style has gained AUM's NewGround Theatre Dance Company local, national and global recognition. NewGround continues to explore new styles and storyline concepts in its delivery of original works for the community.

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NewGround Theatre Dance perfromer as "water"
NewGround Theatre Dance perfromer with mask and red scarf
NewGround Theatre Dance performer dancing modern contemporary solo




New Ground Theatre Dance is founded and performs first show "Earth Dance."


Introducing Empathic Art


NewGround Theatre Dance introduces the first “Empathic Art Exchange" as an immersive dance experience engaging the audience to discuss and respond through art. 


Educational Outreach and Audience Interaction


NewGround Theatre Dance introduces “Threads of Compassion” Series as a means to explore complex themes such as bias, societal pressure and injustice in order to educate and raise awareness.


Early Productions


Early productions “AXIOM,” “Terrain Project,” and “Catalyst” explore complex and therapeutic themes such as domestic violence, war and projection, and neuroscience in the arts. 


Touring Local and International


NewGround Theatre Dance is invited to tour locally and internationally with productions “Shanti,” “Shekinah,” and “Star Seed” throughout the Bay Area and “Letters from Earth” at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh Scotland 

NewGround Theatre Dance performer dancing modern contemporary solo
NewGround Theatre Dance performer dancing ballet

The dance at the end was so beautiful and moving. I don't even know that I have words to describe my experience of it, which on some level feels right to me. So much of this important healing that needs to happen won't and can't involve words. I want to thank you for creating space for us, to share your process with us, and to inspire us to be brave, feel, and tune in to such a deeply meaningful and difficult topic.

  - 'Into The Mirror' Bias Experience Participant, May 2019 

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