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Anet Hershey-Forbes, BA Graphic Design & Photography

Board Member

Partnerships and Outreach

‭+1 (650) 766-2832

Anet Hershey-Forbes, BA Graphic Design & Photography

Anet Hershey-Forbes is a Photography and Graphic Design professional with a bachelor’s degree from California State Polytechnic University (Cal-Poly Humboldt). 


Apart from her work as a photographer, she also works as an archival researcher for Fulcrum Media Services on documentary film projects. From 2017 to 2022, Anet worked with Arts Unity Movement (AUM) as an art therapy assistant at Margaret J. Kemp Camp for Girls for incarcerated youth. She was passionate about working with the girls and loved seeing the "seeds" of confidence and love for art grow and shine on their faces. Her experience has fueled her interest in learning more about the mind-body connection and how emotions affect our body, mind, and soul. Apart from serving on the Board, Anet is looking into programs to continue her education in Art Therapy with an emphasis on the mind-body connection and epigenetics, incorporating her photography and documentary film experience to continue helping our communities.

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