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Richard Newton

Richard Newton, MFA

Board Member

EquineArts Projects


Richard Newton, MFA

Richard is a SF Bay Area theatre professional and holds an MFA in Directing and Dramaturgy from Roosevelt University, Chicago. He is a British Dialect Coach, Sports Announcer for US Dressage Federation Events, and an emcee at University Graduations.


Richard is trained in the Tellington Method - a holistic approach to healing,  Reiki, horse massage, and animal communication. Richard currently works with horses, companion animals, and people. Over the years, he has developed on his own and with other therapists successful programs in couples counseling and grief therapies for the Veterans Administration, and youth summer camps at horse therapy centers. Richard's main focus is the human-horse connection and discovering the power of resonance between the two in interaction. Richard also co-scripted, acted, and collaborated in the play Philippos, an experimental work integrating human actors and horses as actors that was presented at Stanford University. 

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