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Life experiences in the form of trauma, anxiety, stress, and daily challenges occur in a myriad of ways. Attempting to control outer circumstances is a survival tactic we all often use, and living in survival mode impacts our nervous system. We become out of balance and this increases our anxiety and our ability to think clearly or feel productive.


Creative expression and the creative process are a doorway into health and well-being. Self-expression through artistic play naturally restores body-brain balance, revives and regulates our nervous system, and returns us to a place of calm and vitality on the inside. Through our two types of workshops, individuals build inner resilience, strengthen immunity and experience greater connection within themselves and with others.

Our Wellness Workshops and our Dance Art Exchange Workshops are designed and led by a team of professionals:

Educators and Artists

Licensed Therapists

Board Certified Expressive Arts Therapists


All of our workshops bridge the latest in neuropsychology with the power of creativity and art exploration.  Our evidence-driven approach not only provides participants meaningful exposure to the arts, but also improves mental health and emotional well-being with lasting results.  

Because people of all ages can benefit from our innovative approach, we work with children and adults alike in a variety of settings including businesses, schools, and community based organizations. 

Science, Wellness and the Arts

Research has shown that artistic expression and the creative process enhance cognitive abilities, foster greater self-awareness, help regulate emotions and improve focus, problem-solving, and decision-making. That's why we utilize a variety of artistic disciplines including:

  • ART







Social-Emotional  Learning  (SEL) fundamentals  are  woven into our wellness workshops. 


SEL helps individuals develop the knowledge  to  understand  their emotions and the skills to manage them. 


SEL fundamentals boost empathy, emotional intelligence, and improve overall well-being. 

Image by Milad Fakurian

Our wellness workshops educate participants in the science behind the brain/body connection.


This is done through the lens of interpersonal neurobiology and the

expressive arts.


Our wellness workshops explore practical ways to improve connection to self and others.


Our Dance Art Exchange workshops bring artists and audience members together in a powerful experience of resonance.

Artists create collaborative works that are emotionally evocative.

Audience members can become direct participants, receiving understanding and empathy of each other's point of view.

You taught us so much about how to improve our self care.
I love how you not only taught us strategies to help us feel better, but also talked about science as well.

High School Student, Belmont CA

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